Urology Department offers patients a full range of outpatient and surgical treatments.

With the latest generation of equipment, it is possible to diagnose any type of pathology and appropriate treatment.


  • Men and women Urology
  • Bladder and kidneys diseases
  • Tumors of the prostate, bladder and testicles;
  • Prostate diseases;
  • External genital diseases
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
     Infertility, impotence
  • Urinary incontinence

 Surgical treatment

Laparoscopic Urology
Hospital provides the latest medical equipment into bladder, kidneys and urethra stones break up; Transurethral 
resection of bladder tumors and prostate (TUR) resection. Ultrasonographic control of kidney cysts Percutaneous puncture treatment.

 Reconstructive Urology