Bau International Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient proctologic services by means of conservative and 
surgical treatment using new methods of diagnostics and therapy.  
Operational treatment:
•    Empiema opening - drainage (acute, pudrid - necrotic paraproctitis)
•    Empiema opening – drainage, necrosectomy, sanation (acute, anaerobic paraproctitis)
•    Anal and rectal polyps.
•    Hemorrhoids node ligation with latex rings
•    Hemorrhoidopexy with "Longo's method"
•    pilonidal cyst excision
•    Breech-coccyx traumatic injury - coccyx bone resection
•    Warts excision
•    Electric resection of large intestine polyps
•    Acute paraproctitis - empiema opening-drain
•    Fissure excision, sphincteroplasty
•    Stricturotomy, sphincteroplasty
•    Fistulotomy, sphincteroplasty
•    Hemorrhoidectomy
•    Coprostasis decomposition, foreign body removal
•    Bleeding from the rectum