Vascular surgery

Bau  International Hospital performs a full angiological problem diagnosis and treatments; Both conservative and surgical methods are used in the treatment.
Using the latest technologies, the following diagnostic and treatment procedures are provided in the hospital:
•     Varicose diseases;
•     Venous thrombus prevention, treatment;
•     Cosmetic procedures miniphlebectomy;
•     Sclerotherapy, dopplerography-examination, arteriography;
•     Chronic arterial insufficiency-limb gangrene and possible prevention of organ-preserving treatment (bypass surgery, stenting, balloon angioplasty, a hybrid operations);
•     Diabetic foot;
•     Vasospastic-thromboangiitis diseases, arteritis, Raynaud's syndrome and other;
•     Various forms of surgical treatment of aneurisms traditional open surgical and endovascular method;
•     Arterial and venous malformations (Innate and acquired on) treatment.
Hemodialysis Vascular Surgery patients provision:
•     Temporary and permanent implantation of catheters;
•     AV fistula formation.