The most difficult cardiac surgery

A 55-year-old patient who was diagnosed with infective endocarditis turned to our doctors for help.

Infective endocarditis, also called bacterial endocarditis, is an infection caused by bacteria that enter the bloodstream and settle in the heart lining, a heart valve or a blood vessel

 Maizer Bobokhidze is among the 1-3% for whom the body "chosen" one of the rarest fungal infections as the source of infectious endocarditis. There is a  lack of information about fungal infectious endocarditis is available in Georgian and non-Georgian medical sources.

 Patient in the worst condition - with cardiogenic shock was admitted to the operating room with vital signs.

Intraoperatively, the aortic valve, bulb was completely covered with a caseous mass; None of its structural elements were recognizable.

In the course of the most difficult operation, the patient underwent aortic valve prosthesis with a mechanical valve, mitral valve ring plastic, left ventricular reconstruction surgery.

Cardiac surgeons - Mahir Balakishiev, Rezo Jikia, anesthesiologist Shavleg Kutaladze, perfusionists Tekla Tavartkiladze and Lika Beridze, nurses Nino Grigolia, Margarita Dumbadze, Thea Katamadze, cardiologist Sofo Kakhidze.

The patient was discharged from the hospital in a stable condition