A 92-year-old patient was successfully treated with thrombolysis

92-year-old Levan Chhobadze was brought to the clinic with difficulty in speaking, stopping movement in his right limbs, doctors diagnosed an ischemic stroke.

1 hour and 18 minutes after the development of the stroke, thrombolysis was performed on the patient.

Systemic thrombolysis is a modern method of treatment of ischemic stroke, which can dissolve the blood clot in blood vessels, restore blood circulation and prevent damage to brain tissue.

It is important to carry out the procedure at the early stage - in the nearest hours after the development of a stroke, in order to avoid the damage caused by a stroke as much as possible.

To get a result, the procedure should be started no later than four and a half hours after the injury.

Transporting the patient to the hospital on time played an important role in the process of his recovery.

After the completion of the thrombolysis procedure, Mr. Levan was placed in the inpatient department of the neurological department, where he was under the observation of an experienced team of neurologists, treating doctor Tamar Turmanidze.

He was registered on the apartment without neurological deficit and feels satisfactory.

Bau International Hospital's neurological department - head of the department, Mikheil Mzhavanadze - is staffed by experienced doctors and constantly applies modern methods of treatment.