Cardiac Surgery Services

Cardiac Surgery Department offers the following diagnosis and treatment of diseases:
Valve surgery: annuloplasty, leaflets plastics, synthetic cord
•    Mitral
•    Aortic
•    Tricuspid valve
Valve prosthesis:
One or two of the valve (mechanical, biological) prosthetics.
Coronary bypass:
In conditions of Artificial blood circulation or the working heart. It is possible to Coronary bypass in isolation or with valve prosthetics (plastic).
Other procedures:
•    Aneurysm resection / Application
•    Ventricular septal defects
•    Ascending aorta surgery / Prosthetics
•    Prosthetic aortic arch
•    Heart tumors (miksoma) Excision
•    Pericardiotomy
•    Heart various traumas
Bentalls procedure: aortic valve, ascending aorta and aortic valve prosthesis.
Jakub procedure: ascending aortic prosthesis.
Congenital heart disease surgery:
•    Botallo duct
•    Aortic coarctation
•    Atrial septal defect
•    Ventricular septal defect