Aesthetic procedures with a foreign specialist

                          February 12-18
     You are given an opportunity at BAU International Hospital
With a foreign specialist to perform the following aesthetic and medical procedures:
     Botulinum therapy:
*Filling of wrinkles and mimic grooves (forehead, eyebrows, middle brow area, eyes)
*For the treatment of migraine
*Against excessive sweating (injection will be done in the area of armpit, palms and feet)

Filler procedures:
* Lip filling, shape improvement
*Nose correction
*Modeling the oval of the face,
Modeling of eyelids
*Modeling curves,
*Filling of surface of the  wrinkles and mimic grooves
* Face and neck rejuvenation
                   Mesotherapy procedures
*Age wrinkles,
*Oily, porous, dry or relaxed skin,
*Pigment spots and acne.
*In case of cellulite, excess fat
  During the procedures, the highest quality medical drugs will be used.
Acceptable prices  -Best results
 To make an appointment or for additional information, please call: +995 557 89 37 37